Senator Allen has been instrumental in promoting and getting funds to District 7 for much-needed road expansion projects, repairs, maintenance, and other transportation-related issues and legislation. He serves on the Policy Coordinating Committee for the Greenville-Pickens Area Transportation Study (GPATS).

His influence and hard work were instrumental in securing the second-largest road construction ($300M) project in the Palmetto State in Greenville for the I-85/385 Gateway Project providing enhanced safety, financial development, and improved traffic flow for commuters, goods, and services in the heart of Greenville.

He has been able to secure $735,000 for sidewalks and traffic signals for Belle Meade. One of these improvements was the direct result of Karl’s response to a pedestrian fatality in Senate District 7. Upon completion of the project, the family of the pedestrian killed was the first to push the new traffic crossing button. Senator Allen also added design changes and sidewalk improvements to Staunton Bridge Road to improve safety for a new community center.

Senator Allen continued the life work of the late Senator Anderson in helping to create the Hampton Avenue Pedestrian Bridge in the Southernside community.

He co-sponsored SC-S0493 regarding conditions for a victim to sue, or recover damages under the Uninsured Motorist Provision when the owner or operator of a motor vehicle causing injury or damage is unknown.

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