Community Safety

Senator Allen recognizes an essential role of government is to provide safe communities for residents. He has supported legislation for the appropriation of funds for the state Covid-19 health response. As a leader who cares he was contacted by the family of a child killed in a hit and run accident and helped them in their efforts to promote a greater police presence in the area as well as challenge the lack of care exhibited in the police investigation. He has also sponsored community forums as he continues to look out for the safety of citizens of Senate District 7.

Additionally, he secured $100,000 in funding for traffic calming and safety in the Whitehorse Road/South Pleasantburg/Augusta Road/North Estates area providing infrastructure design improvements and electronic crosswalks. Through Senator Allen the SC Department of Public Safety increased traffic safety educational programs for pedestrians, this effort has led to decreased pedestrian deaths and injuries on Senate District 7 roads and streets.

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