Affordable Housing

Senate District 7 residents are facing rising housing costs, making it difficult to maintain and obtain affordable workforce housing. Senator Allen has been a champion for affordable housing. For example Senator Allen:

  • Insisted that the Old Scott Towers remain a public housing complex.
  • Broke ground for duplex units created through a public-private partnership engaging businesses in the production and availability of single and multi-family housing.
  • Urged millions of dollars from the GHS sale go towards affordable housing.
  • Successfully worked to expand and increase funding for the State Housing Authority Tax Credit Program to produce affordable housing, while he successfully worked to improve the financing of the State Housing Authority Housing Trust Fund to deliver affordable housing.
  • Worked to create the Community Development Corporation Fund to support local community-based organizations seeking to develop their communities for affordable housing and other economic development projects
  • Working to pass the Inclusionary Zoning Act allowing local governments to make affordable housing a part of market-rate housing projects.

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