Senator Allen’s father instilled the value of a strong education into his children from an early age. By 8th grade, Senator Allen recognized the impact education could have on the marginalized in his community space.

Senate District 7 residents are facing rising housing costs, making it difficult to maintain and obtain affordable workforce housing. Senator Allen has been a champion for affordable housing.

Senator Allen recognizes an essential role of government is to provide safe communities for residents. He has supported legislation for the appropriation of funds for the state Covid-19 health response.

Senator Allen has been instrumental in promoting and getting funds to District 7 for much-needed road expansion projects, repairs, maintenance, and other transportation-related issues and legislation.

Senator Allen was the one who stood up to Big Utility companies when a senior citizen froze to death after her power was disconnected.

Senator Allen went to work when an inmate was not allowed to go to his parent’s funeral.

Senator Allen was able to pass an initiative to educate and prepare inmates for hire before they are discharged.


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