The South Carolina NAACP’s 80th Freedom Fund Banquet was held Saturday, June 8, 2019, 6 p.m. at the Brookland Baptist Banquet Conference Center in Columbia. The Freedom Fund Banquet is in honor of its longstanding advocacy for civil rights. The annual gala commemorates the contributions of those connected with the first successful legal challenge to “separate but equal” statutes in America, Briggs vs. Elliott.

The Honorable Karl B. Allen, SC State Senator (Greenville) was Master of Ceremonies for the evening. The keynote speaker was Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris. Harris was informative and inspiring. She told the crowd “that it matters who are in the rooms making decisions, and don’t let people tell us who we are, but we tell them who we are. Always remembering to become better today than you were yesterday.”

The words of Senator Harris hit home with the crowd with many applauding and standing. This part of the message was echoed by State Senator Karl Allen who kept the crowd focused by chanting, “Where would we be if not for the NAACP.” Senator Allen has been the leader in
South Carolina on Re-Entry and Second Chance initiatives and has chaired several Sub-Committees on Prison Reform.

The Freedom Fund Campaign is the NAACP’s public appeal for individual and institutional investment to ensure it remains an effective advocate for positive change and advancement to benefit all South Carolinians. As a State Conference, the NAACP seeks to increase equity in employment, business opportunities, criminal justice and educational opportunities in our state. Within 80 years, the NAACP has grown to over one hundred forty local units staffed by volunteer leaders and members who cherish our shared democratic values.


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